#StormFlower @cherylofficial 💋🌹🌊

#StormFlower @cherylofficial 💋🌹🌊

Cheryl grabs Simon so she doesn’t fall. #Chimon

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mirandasingss said: hello friend ... NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE: Once you get this, you need to tell 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this to 10 of your favorite followers.

1.i have great hand nails
2. I make people laugh
3. I love food
4. I accept all kind of people
5. I can paint

Cheryl and Mel give Simon a lapdance

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"That’s my idea of hell…" (x)

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He winds me up, I fan him down!

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Lana’s reaction to a fan’s tattoo. x

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get to know cheryl

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hot people are fun to look at

Exactly my point 👌 I’m not lesbian .. I just love looking at hot girls and boys !

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